• Rachel shows her Royal Boer at the County Fair and wins Overall Grand Champion Fullblood Doe!

  • The Boer goat is fast growing, has a high fertility rates, and is resistant to disease making them very popular. They can be all brown or all white although most are white with a brown head.

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Our top quality feed and excellent farm environment produce quality boer goats!


About Us

Rachel Lopes began raising boers goats in 2003 when she was in FFA. At that time, she started with two does.

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For Sale

The goats we sell have been raised with attention and care. They are prime boer goat stock that are healthy and disease free.

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About Goats

Originating in South Africa in the 1900s for meat production, boer goats have since been selectively bred for high resistance to disease, docile temperament, fast-growing, and high fertility rate.

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Ring Side

Our goats have won in livestock competitions which is a reflection of the care and method of raising goats that we implement.

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  • Welcome!

    boer-goat-brown-headWelcome to our website at Rachel’s Royal Boers!  Check back to see our updates on available boer goats for sale or to find information and tips on goats from how to judge to how to raise!  We welcome any questions you have regarding our specialty – boer goats.

    I began raising boers goats in 2003 when I was in FFA with just two does.  And now, with teh help of my husband and our little girl, our herd size is about 50 head.  We are focused on raising quality boer goats and pride ourselves in maintaining  a clean herd.  We have always been CL and CAE free.

    Having many years experience on raising and entering goats for livestock competitions for Future Farmers of America (FFA), we love to help young people just starting out in raising goats.  Call (209) 922-7270 or email us at info@rachelsroyalboers.com